Cap'm Nick Furry

by Linda
(New Jersey)

Cap'm Nick liked to hang out on the window sill

Cap'm Nick liked to hang out on the window sill

We were without a cat in the house for a while when I stumbled upon a video from a local shelter. The video was pirate-themed and showed a salty tuxedo cat with one eye. I asked my family about getting him and they said they'd consider it.

I was told that this cat was not at all friendly. It would be best if he was a barn cat or what is called a working cat. They said I should keep him outside and give him shelter and food and not expect anything from him.

I just really wanted a cat and I agreed with their suggestions. We already had a cat door that our other cats used, so it was no problem.

He came in to eat and use the litter box, but he also spent a lot of time outdoors. Honestly, I was concerned about him outdoors because his only remaining eye was very cloudy and I'm not sure how much he could see. I had to sedate him just to bring him to the vet, so the vet could never really see his behavior.

Things were going smoothly. Maybe he was getting a little used to us. He didn't hiss and scratch when we were close anymore.

Then one day a neighbor posted on social media a picture of him pooping in her yard. I talked to the neighbor about it and that was the end of Cap'm Nick's indoor/outdoor life. We closed the cat door and kept him inside. I was happy to do this because I really was worried about him outside with his vision. And winter was coming and it was getting cold.

Maybe being inside all the time made him slightly more comfortable with us, I don't know. He mostly stayed in the basement.

Then I found out about another tuxedo cat looking for a home. I decided to adopt her. I was a little afraid of how Cap'm Nick would react to a new cat, but I wanted to make it work.

I was totally unprepared for the change in Cap'm Nick when the new cat arrived. It's like he wanted to stake his claim on us and the whole house. He started hanging out on the couch and even asking for pets.

He is now a very friendly cat. when he is on the couch, he wants to be pet. If you are on the couch, too, he'll come up to you and head but you until you pet him. He likes belly rubs and head pats.

When he is not on the couch, he usually wants to be left alone. And if you pet him the wrong way, he'll strike out or run away. But most of the time he really wants to be pet and he loves to be held.

He also likes to play with the new cat. They run around the house and chase each other. Sometimes they share the couch or a sunny spot.

Occasionally he will sneak out of the house for a walk around. When I notice him gone, I contain the other car and leave the door open. In a few hours, he is home again. He doesn't like going to the vet, but I can take him there now without sedation.

I'm working on cutting his nails at home. We haven't perfected a technique for that yet. All the videos of cutting a cats nails give suggestions that don't seem to work for him!

I just wanted to make Cap'm Nick a part of the family, however he chose to behave. I am thrilled that he decided to be so cuddly!

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