Last Chance Ranch

by Linda
(New Jersey)

The Last Chance Ranch Van

The Last Chance Ranch Van

Last Chance Ranch is in Southeastern PA. They began in 1999 and they just keep growing. They have all kinds of animals up for adoption. they have horses, dogs, cats, farm animals, guinea pigs, and more. They have an emu as a mascot.

They have a lot of land and the animals can roam about outside. They are extremely well cared for by a big team of volunteers.

They also create a big community. There are tons of activities and events throughout the year. I've been to sip and paint fundraisers at the farm, but they also have bingo, nights out at local restaurants, and more. There is a summer camp at the farm for kids and other educational events like behavioral training for dogs, and pet CPR. They even do birthday parties at the farm. They also publish a calendar each year with a pet of the month. I was able to get my pet's picture on his gotcha day on the calendar.

I've been to their yearly gala. It's a big fancy party that is a fundraiser I had tons of fun and won some raffles. When I went to the gala, they allowed us to buy the chance to buy a picture of my rescue pets on their new van that will transport animals to the vet.

I got my pet pig, Hammy, from Last Chance Ranch. He's my happy loving pig. I enjoyed hearing from them throughout the year each year.

A few years later, I needed to adopt a guinea pig. I contacted Last Chance Ranch and was able to pick up my Pilsbury from their Thrift Store.

I always have a good feeling when I think about Last Chance Ranch.

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