Rescue Pet Issues

So you are thinking about having a pet.  Maybe your child wants one, or you think having a pet will teach your child responsibility and empathy. Perhaps you’ve had a pet in the past and you’d like to have that experience again.  Maybe you’ve seen an abandoned pet or you know someone who is looking to rehome their pet. There are all kinds of good reasons to get a rescue pet but it is good to explore some issues before you choose what kind of pet you will get and choose the individual pet you adopt.

For example, owning a pet has some costs associated with it.  Do you have enough money to properly care for a pet?  There are definitely cheaper options for pet care that will help your pet be happy and healthy, but there are still some costs. Some types of pets require expensive care, others need very little. So you are going to want to explore the types of pets that you can have.  Begin this exploration at my best pet for me list. Here you'll get an introduction to different types of pets and some basics about caring for them, with links for more details about each pet.

Do you have time for a pet?  Some pets take up a lot of your time for training, keeping their habitat functional, and socializing.  Other pets just need a little food, water, and occasional cleaning. So, once again, look at the best pet for me list to discover what's involved timewise in caring for various pets.

Explore my list of pets page and from there you can investigate all the different types of pets you might want to adopt in the city.  You’ll find out what kind of care they all need.  You can also go to the interviews section to see what various pet owners have to say about owning their pets.  Of course, you will want to investigate pet care thoroughly on your own. Just because something works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for you and your pet

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